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Public & Constitutional Law, Human Rights Issues

We specialise in Public and Constitutional Law, and can assist you with any issues you may have with local government, central government or any of the myriad of entities run and controlled by government.  We have a full range of public law strategies at our disposal, including embarking on civil litigation, or lobbying government for change, or appearing at Select Committees, or assisting with a media or community campaign. We can also assist with any human rights issues you may have. 



Treaty of Waitangi, International Law, Indigenous Law

We specialise in Treaty of Waitangi litigation before the Waitangi Tribunal, High Court, Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court.  We are also able to assist you on any international law matters, including the application of international law either at the domestic level or in the international arena.



Commercial Law

We can help you on all your commercial law matters, including the establishment of businesses, trusts, partnerships, negotiating commercial deals, safeguarding shareholder and/or director's rights, and in civil litigation.



We specialise in all areas of environmental and natural resources law and can help you with submissions before a local authority, Environment Court and/or the general civil courts.  We also specialise on all legal issues relating to the coastal marine area.

Environmental Law, Natural Resources and Marine Law

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