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TAKEN BY THE STATE - Newsroom Stands Stalwart Against Allegations

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Children's agency Oranga Tamariki went to court yesterday seeking orders for cuts to the Newsroom video story on a controversial 'uplift' of a Māori baby.

Following a complaint to the Media Council ahead of Newsroom's publication of the video story by investigations editor, Melanie Reid, Oranga Tamariki engaged law firm Kensington Swan and partner Linda Clark to file an urgent memorandum with the Family Court asking for Newsroom to be ordered to change the story by investigations editor Melanie Reid.

Newsroom rejects claims that the story identified the baby and its mother and whānau in breach of the law.

In her letter, Clark champions the baby: "The child at the centre of these proceedings, is, in every sense, vulnerable," while Newsroom maintains that their reporting of the approach taken to remove the baby is supported by overwhelming public interest.

Oranga Tamariki has the backing of their Minister, Tracey Martin, provoking an emphatic response from iwi leader Des Ratima, who had worked to resolve the state's attempts to take the baby last month.

The full article by Newsroom's co-editor Tim Murphy can be found here.

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